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He is ex RAF pilot and designer of the Royal Air force tartan and in fact many others with extensive experience of the tartan textile industry from mill to clothing products. Before the tartan actually became the official Royal Air Force tartan it was called Air Force and  was the exclusive supplier of skirts to the WAAF association. Recent years have seen the RAF pipe bands being equipped with the new RAF tartan for the Edinburgh tattoo in 2002. The tartan continues to gain popularity and is being worn by serving personnel with the appropriate approval and is worn in increasing numbers by ex service personnel . Wearing the tartan gives any one else the visual indication that you served with the RAF or had some association with it. Kilts, trews, skirts and other products have been shipped to various corners of the world. The hope is that the many RAF associations will officially adopt the tartan and we expect to see a number linking to our web site.

Customers are of critical importance to us and we strive to keep our costs as low as possible while maintaining the highest standards of product quality.

He has created a number of designs and still does to this day. Just ask for a quote. To show the thinking behind the Royal air Force tartan I have taken an extract from a letter he has sent to a number of people including Whitehall, Ministry of Defence, and many RAF stations.

The particular colours in the design can be interpreted in many of ways. When I designed the tartan, I had in mind all those like me who had served in the Force in both peace and war and the colours which I chose were symbolic of the boys and girls in blue. Bearing in mind the principle function of the RAF is to safeguard us all from the skies above, both at night and during the day, it was not difficult to choose blues to describe the changing moods of the skies above. If you can visualise from the darkest night to the dawn and daylight beyond, you can get a variance of blues, with a red stripe to represent the blood of those who protected our skies, to the white of peace which we hope prevails. The only colour left is Royal Blue, my accolade to those who went before me and those who will continue to uphold the tradition of all who still serve.

Per Ardua ad Astra Through adversity to the stars
MacTartan(UK)Suppliers of the Royal Air force tartan to the ATC and the RAF and other customers.
Made to measure kilts, trews, trousers, skirts, cummerbunds, bow ties, ties and we also sell the cloth if you prefer to make your own.